Directorate-general Statistics Belgium – quality of its statistics

general assembly on October 29, 2014

High-quality statistics are needed to take relevant, well-sustained policy measures. The Belgian Court of Audit has audited the workings of the Directorate-general Statistics (DGS-ADS), which is the official statistics body for Belgium. The DGS-ADS meets most of the quality standards and has been making major efforts in order to improve its efficiency. Even so, it lacks highly qualified personnel, so that it can only produce the minimum required statistics, at the cost of other activities that could improve the quality of statistics. Besides, the latter depends on how other public services cooperate and on the quality of their input data. The DGS-ADS has absolutely no control on this. However, the cooperation agreement of 19 March 2014 creating the Interfederal Statistical Institute (IIS) can resolve some of the issues emphasised by the Court’s audit, such as the relationship between the DGS-ADS and the regional statistical offices.