Supplementary pensions - Efficiency of public policy on social and tax incentive

general assembly on November 18, 2020

The Court of Audit has examined the efficiency of public policy to encourage the constitution of supplementary pensions. In 2019, the reserves acquired by the 3.8 million supplementary pension scheme participants amounted to 85.6 billion euros. However, the Court notes an important disparity in the distribution of these reserves. On the one hand, the supplementary pension as an additional benefit to the statutory pension remains modest for most people and, on the other hand, public policy offers wide possibilities for optimizing the social and fiscal burden for a small number of beneficiaries. The revenue optimization policy has an important impact on public finances. Moreover, the regulatory mechanisms related to this public policy, both social and fiscal, are not applied effectively. Such findings are observed in the context of a lack of unity in the management of data on supplementary pensions.